Paratech Parachute & Sleepankers

for survival at sea.


"The time for taking all measures for a ship's safety is while still able to do so. Nothing is more dangerous than for a seaman to be grudging in taking precautions lest they turn out to have been unnecessary. Safety at sea for a thousand years has dependede on exactly the opposite philosophy." Admiral C.W. Nimitz

What users have to say:

"Were alive!! Thanks to the parachute anker which secured us for 53 hours in cyclone Justin."

"The sea-anchor definitely saved the boat and ám sure our lives. It operated flawlessly on those two other days and the other three days during the other two gales.
We did what should have been done and came through a very violent storm and survived with no damage."

"My parachute sea-anchor is one of the items I purchased which performed as advertised and no defect or surprises. I appreciated the quality and performance mote than I can express.
Would not leave port without it, ever."

"I consider your equipment the most important safety items on my boat, I will never make an ocean passage without one on board. People must realize that ocean cruising can be safe if you go with the idea that you will go into a defensive position before the sea build to high....."

Dit zijn wat uittreksels uit het DDDB boek (Drag Device Data Base) behalve dat er 120 gedocumenteerde verhalen in vermeld worden is er een komplete handleiding van sleep en parachute ankers, waarin het gebruik uitgebreid beschreven wordt. Een boek dat zeker aan boord van een zeegaand schip aanwezig dient te zijn.

DDDB Boek € 25,00